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Toyota Electrifies the 2020 Edition of the Montreal International Auto Show

Montreal hosted this year’s International Auto Show, from January 17th to 26th. An opportunity to discover new car models and prototypes, and stay in touch with the automotive trends.

During this 2020 edition, Toyota made the difference on the main challenge of energy-efficient automotive : to come up with electric AND powerful, autonomous and reliable vehicles!


Spotlight on electric vehicles

This has been going on for some time, and the show confirmed it: for all car brands, eco-vehicles are the main focus. The customers’ demand is here to stay, and the expectations are clear: people want to drive electric vehicles no longer limited compared to gas vehicles.

The time has come to break down the hesitations of drivers looking to buy an electric or a hybrid car.

In such a niche, Toyota has devoted its innovative work to produce vehicles that meet this clear, precise demand from all markets: ecological and clean vehicles, but energy efficient, powerful, reliable enough to stand up to combustion monsters.

Two models from Toyota therefore shone in the limelight at the Montreal Auto Show.


RAV4 Prime: the new generation SUV, as powerful as gas SUVs 

Visitors discovered the RAV4 Prime: the fastest and most powerful electric SUV on the market as of today, nothing less! The RAV4 alone embodies the manufacturer’s goal to combine electrical energy and driving performance.

With its 302 horsepower and 0 to 96 km/h speeding range in 5.8 seconds, added to its all-wheel drive and sport-tuned suspension, the RAV4 Prime is a compact SUV with nothing to be ashamed of compared to its competitors. Only the Toyota’s GR Supra is faster.

A power jointed with impeccable road handling for safety and comfort, and a superior efficiency with a range of 60 kilometres in electric mode. That is daily commutes to work, on electric mode only!

For longer drives, the RAV4 Prime switches to hybrid mode in order to reach the next charging station if needed.


A preview of the 2020 Toyota Highlander hybrid

If the RAV4 Prime led the parade of Toyota’s little prodigies, there was another marvel to look for: the Highlander hybrid 2020 with its modern and ultra-refined silhouette.

Another electric hybrid SUV model, but also the first to use TNGA (the futuristic, combustion and hybrid platform by Toyota).

Result: improved performance, additional agility, turning radius and driving flexibility in the steering wheel, exceptional silence, and inside the passenger compartment enough space for up to eight passengers, not a single level of comfort lost in the process.

In addition to this staggering performance, the Toyota Highlander Hybrid improves energy consumption by almost 20%. Spectacular when you know that this improvement does not take anything from its roaring power!

This little marvel of technology will be available for sale in 2020.





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